Brianne D.

Why I love teaching:

Teaching presents such a unique opportunity to come alongside people as they walk through challenges. Maybe their challenge is to hold their plank for 5 more seconds, or maybe it’s to reclaim their thoughts to appreciate and be kind to their body. Whatever it is, I love the feeling of being able to support someone as they face a new experience head-on with all they have and then celebrate with them on the other side. Getting to connect with others and hear their stories makes me feel alive! 

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

I love a song that allows you to get lost in the beat or words – especially when a hold feels like it will never end! For me, a good remix or throwback will always get me moving!

How fitness has changed my life:

I am so thankful that fitness has always been a part of my life, I played or coached soccer all the way through college! Being an athlete + teammate is where I learned the most valuable life lessons and made the best friends. I have learned in the years since playing that the ability to challenge my body and take care of my mind is an opportunity to be thankful for more than anything – that gratitude for what my body is capable of has shaped many aspects of my life!

Why I love Body Alive:  

Coming out of competitive sports I felt so lost in trying to find a workout routine that made me feel like my best self. I tried a variety of gyms and formats, but couldn’t find anything that challenged me physically + mentally and allowed for connection with others. My first BA class was when my mom invited me to go to Barre with her, and I will never forget the feeling of relief I had leaving the studio because I had finally found that balance of challenge and connection. I love that the instructors go out of their way to make each student feel known when they walk in the door, and that class kicks your butt but makes you feel so empowered all at once. The energy that comes from moving to the beat of a song with a room full of students who are all choosing to prioritize their best selves makes you feel like you can get through anything. While each workout is completely your own, you never feel alone when you are in the studio!