Why I love teaching:

I love connecting with the members! It is so inspiring to spend 60 minutes with a class of like-minded individuals that are coming together for a common goal of physical and mental well-being.

The music that makes me feel “alive”:

I can get down with a blend of genres and styles! When I’m feeling inspired and nostalgic, I love the Eagles and the Beatles. When I’m ready to relax and find ease in the day I turn up some Angus and Julia Stone or Bon Iver, but when I’m ready to conquer the day, I’ll tune into some Beyonce or Eminem!

Why I love Body Alive:  

Body Alive has a wonderful community of instructors and members that always make you feel welcome when you walk through the door. BA is not only an awesome studio that offers the best classes and a great workout, but most importantly, they’ve been able to create a beautiful culture of connection and belonging.