9 Travel-Friendly Alive Online Workouts

Jul 21, 2021

No equipment? No problem! Whether you’re going on vacation, traveling for work, or just looking for a low-maintenance, no equipment workout- our online studio has you covered!

While the majority of our online classes use minimal to no props, here are 10 of our favorite Alive Online workouts you can bring with you anytime, anywhere:

1. Power Yoga with Sember

If you plan on spending a lot of time in the car or on a plane traveling to your destination, this energizing yoga flow is perfect for stretching out and waking up the body after sitting for multiple hours in a row. 

2. Mat Pilates with Sam

Don’t have a ton of space or trying to keep the noise to a minimum? Mat Pilates is great because it’s low-impact with no jumping (that means you don’t have to worry about disturbing your hotel neighbors) and can be done completely on the floor. 




3. Barre with Bobby

You don’t actually need a ballet barre to complete this barre workout- just grab a chair or table for a similar effect! This workout is complete with pliés, squats, kicks, pulses, and a killer playlist- everything you need for a booty kickin’ barre class! Plus, who doesn’t want to bring Bobby on vacation?

4. Body Sculpt with Liz

Typically, Body Sculpt is done in the hot room but no heat is necessary to feel the burn from this workout. Expect lots of lunges, core work, and motivation from Liz as you sweat and sculpt your way to the beach.  




5. Body Fusion with Allison

Sometimes finding the motivation to workout on vacation can be nearly impossible, but the best part about this Body Fusion class (besides the fact that it’ll torch some serious calories) is that you feel like you’re right in the room with Allison and that she’s your own personal cheerleader. While you can always add weights if you have access to them, you don’t need any equipment for this cardio/strength mashup. Your body is a machine all on its own.

6. Body Challenge with Shannon

Just like Sculpt and Fusion, weights can be incorporated into Body Challenge to amp it up but are absolutely not necessary for an effective, efficient workout. If your travel destination is somewhere warm, turn up the spice level by taking Shannon outside with you for some good, old-fashioned heat. Body Challenge on the beach, anyone?





10-Minute Cardio with Shannon 

Only have 10 minutes to kill or are you looking for a little something extra? This 10-minute cardio session with Shannon is perfect if you’re short on time or as an add-on to a strength training session. You’ll find push-ups, burpees, and some Tabata in this quick video and we promise, it will be over before you know it!

Bonus, Bonus: Got Bands?

Resistance bands are one of our favorite props to travel with because they’re super lightweight, can fit in any sized bag without taking up any space, and are incredibly effective in working your muscles to the point of exhaustion! If you have a set of booty bands at home, make sure to pack them on your next trip and try this 45 minute Pilates with Sam or this 60 minute Body Sculpt with Allison. Get ready to work!

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