5 Reasons to Try Cycle Alive According to a Cycle Instructor

May 20, 2021

Have you been curious about Cycle Alive? 

Maybe you’ve wanted to try it but don’t know what to expect. Perhaps you’ve cycled before, but it’s been a while, or the Mason studio is outside of your 5-mile fitness radius (it’s worth the drive, we promise!). 

Whatever your reservations are, we spoke with the “Cycle Queen” herself and Body Alive instructor, Allison, about what sets our Cycle classes apart from other experiences and why you should try them today. Read what Allison has to say below!

What Makes Body Alive’s Cycle Different?

“It all comes down to three main reasons: the room, the ride itself, and our instructors,” says Allison. Let’s break it down even more to learn what sets Body Alive’s Cycle classes apart from other indoor cycling classes!

The Room

As soon as you walk into our Cycle room, you know it’s going to be an experience unlike any other. It’s where the magic happens, where you push your limits and challenge yourself! From the music to the lights to the motivation given throughout class – everything just comes together for a heart-pumping and exhilarating workout. It truly is a mind, body, and spirit connection.

The Ride

Allison says, “we focus on beat-based, high-intensity rides with serious power when it comes to the actual workout itself. There are a lot of cycle experiences where it’s all about riding as fast as you can to the beat- and that can be fun, but we’re also going to make sure you’re gearing up and pushing yourself up those steep climbs!”

The Instructors 

The motivation at Body Alive is what sets us apart from other studios- and our instructor’s personalities will motivate you unlike anywhere else. Allison always says, “our instructors will be your cheerleaders from start to finish,” and it is true. Each instructor wants to see every student succeed and reach their goals. They always add a personal touch to each class and make an effort to know their students’ names, and encourage them to be their best selves.

Why Should You Try Cycle Alive?

Do you still need some convincing? Here are five reasons why you should book your bike right now:

  1. It’s a super-fast anaerobic exercise- only 45 minutes!
  2. It’s high-intensity but not high impact. That means even if you have injuries or can no longer run, it’s easy on your joints.
  3. Classes are beat-based (that means killer playlists) without losing the high intensity. We still add in ALL the power. 
  4. You leave class knowing you got a kickass workout, but more importantly- you feel strong, empowered, and alive.
  5. The Cycle room is in a dark, judgment-free room. No one can see each other—no one’s paying attention to anyone else in the room. You really can come to be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want, and just ride.

Eager to get your legs pumping and your heart racing with a cycling class? Unlock your first FREE week at Body Alive when you register for your first class. Riders of all levels are welcome to join us! 

Ready to Ride with Cycle Alive?

So you’re ready to ride with Cycle Alive? Purchase your Cycle Alive class credits or get access to unlimited rides here. Brand-new to Cycle? Your first week is FREE! See you on the inside!

Cycle Alive pricing options are as follows:

  • Special Single Drop-In Rate (limited time): $7
  • Regular Single Drop-In Rate: $15
  • Unlimited Add-On for Existing Members: $29/month
  • Unlimited Cycle Membership: $59/month

Have questions? We are here to help! Contact us here.

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